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I shoot on location, or offer a studio set up at my home.  On location could be a park, favorite place, the beach or your home.  I use both natural light and studio lighting depending on your needs and the location.

Sessions generally last between one and two hours, but can be longer if needed, especially if there are young children and infants. Please bring snacks for you and your children and a favorite toy(s) that you would not mind having in the photo if needed!  Our main aim is to keep the children happy and relaxed so they have fun too!  Don’t worry if your child does not want to cooperate or has a tantrum, I have a two year and know all about how that goes; their timing is usually perfect!  It is part of the day and we will work with them and make them laugh.

Newborn sessions are usually at your home when they are 10days to 2 weeks old (can be a little earlier or later) and their belly button has fallen off!  These sessions generally last a little longer than the family sessions to allow for feedings and changing. 

We will usually chat about what you are expecting to get out of the session before the day arrives.  Have a look through the gallery pages so you can decide on the look and feel you would like for your session.

What to WEAR!

Clothing Examples

There are no set rules for clothing, but here are some tips to help you decide.

After your Session

There will be an online gallery of your session within 1 – 2 weeks for you to view. 
I usually will include the majority of shots from the day as I believe some of them are just too funny for you not to see, they will not be the ones you frame, but will be a fun reminder of the day and what happened! 

Depending on the package you have chosen you can either order prints or I will send you a DVD containing all the high-resolution images.

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Your Session