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I have been an obsessive photographer since the age of 13, recording everything and everyone around me for the love of it. In college I was in charge of creating window displays for our college bookstore with a budget of $0 - $30, a camera and a computer. This is where my passion for design really began, I loved the challenge of having to be creative with only a few tools and no budget. 

I specialize in family, corporate and wedding photography, with my aim being to capture natural, relaxed and spontaneous photographs that reflect the nature of the event from the most serious to the most happy and fun!  I also design and build small personal, portfolio and business websites in html or flash and design for both print and web. Working with a client to bring their ideas to life is such a thrill for me and makes my work even more enjoyable.

I love people and my approach to all my work is warm, friendly and fun. 
I love what I do – and I hope this shows in the pictures I take and the designs I do.

Below is a brief history of my career since I took my first serious step into the world of
photography and design:

1993 -          Started a degree in Photo Media at Epson University, England.

1994 -          Was offered my first job as a photographic assistant for the Banbury Guardian, a local weekly                       newspaper, England.

1995 -          Became a photographer for the Banbury Guardian Newspaper.

1997 -          Became a Crime Scene Photographer for the West Midlands Police Force, Birmingham, UK.
                      A fascinating job!

1998 -          Moved to California and obtained my AA degree in Professional Photography, while freelancing                        as a photographer.

2003 -          Returned to the UK to finish my BA degree in Photography and Digital Imaging.  Just to prove                         to myself I could do it!

2005 -          Returned to California and since then have become a wife and mother and started my own                         company.

                       Life is good!

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